Car routes in Koekelare and surroundings

Would you like a ride with the car or drive your favorite old-timer? On this page you can find an overview of the car routes which pass near the Long Max Museum.

The site Long Max is a fixed stop on the Yserfront car route. There is a large parking on our domain where cars and coaches can park easily.

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Overview car routes

Yser Front Car route 14-18

Yser Front Tourist Car route 14-18

± 74 km . € 6,-

The tourist car route 14-18 explores the area between Nieuwpoort, Diksmuide and Koekelare. The route lets you get acquainted with the story of the inundation during the First World War. Also the German occupation on the other side of the front in Diksmuide and Koekelare is discussed. Belgian, German and Commonwealth cemeteries remind you, as silent witnesses, on the large losses during the four years of war to the iron.

Available at Westtoer or Province of West-Flanders

Box tourist car routes 14-18

Box tourist car routes 14-18

€ 30,-

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the 'Great War', Westtoer developed 6 new tourist routes in Flanders with the First World War as a guidance. The new routes are a convenient way to cross the former war landscape. They help the visitor with experiencing and reading a landscape that was decisive during the 4 years of world war.

Available at Westtoer or Province of West-Flanders

Houtland - Koekelare - Houtlandroute


± 81 km . € 3,-

This car route shows with West-Flemish Houtland between Bruges and Torhout. Characteristic of the area are the many forests and wood sides. The tour starts in Torhout and leads through quiet secondary roads in the first place to Koekelare, Ichtegem, Aartrijke and Zedelgem. The route is so conceived that the tour can be combined with a short walk in the Castle domains that are located along the route.

Starting Point: Torhout

Available at Westtoer or Province of West-Flanders

Extra information

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If you want to plan visit the Long Max Museum and also want to make use of the cafeteria, you can always contact us free. We are happy to help!

For further information please contact the information desk of the Long Max Museum or tourist office of Koekelare.

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